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What is the Weight of the Moon? is taken from ‘The Middleman’ a film by Satyajit Rai that is part of a cycle of films on what is political about being a student in 1970’s Calcutta. The project is a response to the situation of 50,000+ Bengali students whose colleges are under investigation as being potentially bogus by the government. Often seen as ambiguous signboards around East London, the visibility of these colleges and the… invisibility of the students are questioned using video as an apparatus.

Originally conceived as a two channel video installation consisting of a video essay and a set of edited interviews, student interviewees are placed outside the frame. The viewer is invited to become an active listener using field recordings, simultaneous translations of the interviews in Bengali and English and control of a 3-channel audio mixer.

For the February Free Cinema School salon, the videos will be screened separately along with a presentation and discussion led by the artist mapping the various strands of the project, from the Bengali language movement, anti-documentary techniques and the neoliberalisation of education. Student activists and members of Chicago Boys: while we were singing, they were dreaming, a 70s band and neoliberalism study group initiated at the Centre for Possible Studies will respond.
Nabil Ahmed is currently a PhD at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. His emerging practice involves working with people, software, video, the voice and text to form critical responses to relevant, political questions. He has worked with various galleries, project spaces and institutions such as ISEA, the Victoria & Albert,, Wet Sounds, Waterside Project Space, the Showroom and openvizor. He is the co-founder of Call & Response, London’s multi-channel sound art gallery and project space.

What is the Weight of the Moon?

Wednesday 2nd February 2011, 7-9pm

Centre for Possible Studies, 64 Seymour Street, W1H 5BW

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The next People’s Research Seminar will take place on Thursday 27 January at the Centre for Possible Studies. This Research Seminar, entitled ‘The Street – Part I’, will cover a range of topics with a shared emphasis on the street and ethnography. Beginning with a discussion of Mass Observation led by Debra Lennard, this seminar will explore both the social and aesthetic impact of the Mass Observation movement (founded in 1937), and its relevance today, as both influence and complication, to the locally engaged work of the Edgware Road Project. The photography of Barbora Pivonkova will be used as a starting point for a successive discussion, looking at pedestrian behaviour in urban spaces and the state surveillance which monitors that behaviour, presiding over its normativity.
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Seminars will now be held every other Thursday.

Upcoming seminars include:
10 February: ‘The Street – Part II’
This seminar will increase the intensity of focus on the previous session’s discussion, going into greater depth with such subjects as pedestrian movement, crowd behaviour, and considerations of normativity
24 February: ‘Seeing and Unseeing’
This seminar aims to explore concepts of official and preventative self-censorship, using material by both Judith Butler and John Pilger.
10 March: ‘People’s Participation’
24 March: ‘Listening’

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Chicago Boys: while we were singing, they were dreaming…
Open rehearsal and study session on the neoliberalisation of Education
Arts Against Cuts Direct Weekend
Saturday 15 January 3-5 pm
Sunday 16 January 3-5 pm

Chicago Boys: while we were singing, they were dreaming is a 1970s cover band and neo-liberalism study group.

Drawing from the analyses of Naomi Klein, David Harvey, global lay researchers (on skype), youtube videos and band members’ personal experiences, the group explores the 1970s as a stage set for the introduction of neoliberal policies around the world. The band’s performances and discussions have been situated in cafes on London’s Edgware Road and more recently on the Gdansk Shipyard in Poland. At the Arts Against Cuts Direct Weekend, Chicago Boys host two open rehearsals playing music from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bangladesh and Poland in the 1970s and inviting students, artists and activists to contribute to a global analysis of the neoliberalisation of education.

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The People’s Research seminar is a monthly meeting for people working on collaborative artistic and political projects on or in relation to the Edgware Road. The seminar explores issues regarding what is meant by the term ‘possible study’ and how this differs from other forms of study i.e. pure observation, study about as opposed to with, study whose results serve or remain within private or privileged spheres of knowledge production. Developed as a space for reflection and research in the seminar we will explore histories of people’s research: that is forms of research in which people of varying relationships to academic study have set the terms, methods and needs for their research. We will ask to what extent these histories are useful in our contemporary engagements with the possible? Readings will be taken from a number of fields and practices including: radical pedagogy, popular education, participatory action research, militant research, contemporary art, liberation psychology, mass observation, anarchist self education, experimental film, design etc.