The People’s Research seminar is a monthly meeting for people working on collaborative artistic and political projects on or in relation to the Edgware Road. The seminar explores issues regarding what is meant by the term ‘possible study’ and how this differs from other forms of study i.e. pure observation, study about as opposed to with, study whose results serve or remain within private or privileged spheres of knowledge production. Developed as a space for reflection and research in the seminar we will explore histories of people’s research: that is forms of research in which people of varying relationships to academic study have set the terms, methods and needs for their research. We will ask to what extent these histories are useful in our contemporary engagements with the possible? Readings will be taken from a number of fields and practices including: radical pedagogy, popular education, participatory action research, militant research, contemporary art, liberation psychology, mass observation, anarchist self education, experimental film, design etc.