The next People’s Research Seminar will take place on Thursday 27 January at the Centre for Possible Studies. This Research Seminar, entitled ‘The Street – Part I’, will cover a range of topics with a shared emphasis on the street and ethnography. Beginning with a discussion of Mass Observation led by Debra Lennard, this seminar will explore both the social and aesthetic impact of the Mass Observation movement (founded in 1937), and its relevance today, as both influence and complication, to the locally engaged work of the Edgware Road Project. The photography of Barbora Pivonkova will be used as a starting point for a successive discussion, looking at pedestrian behaviour in urban spaces and the state surveillance which monitors that behaviour, presiding over its normativity.
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Seminars will now be held every other Thursday.

Upcoming seminars include:
10 February: ‘The Street – Part II’
This seminar will increase the intensity of focus on the previous session’s discussion, going into greater depth with such subjects as pedestrian movement, crowd behaviour, and considerations of normativity
24 February: ‘Seeing and Unseeing’
This seminar aims to explore concepts of official and preventative self-censorship, using material by both Judith Butler and John Pilger.
10 March: ‘People’s Participation’
24 March: ‘Listening’

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