Film Still from The Three Disappearances of Suad Hosni courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation and Rania Stephan

‘Plot for a Biennial’, the 10th Sharjah Biennial, which opens on March 16, 2011 is curated by Suzanne Cotter and Rasha Salti and Associate Curator Haig Aivazian.  The Biennial will present new and specially commissioned works by contemporary artists, filmmakers, writers and performers from across the region and internationally. The Biennial’s film program will include the screening of a non-fiction feature-length narrative, The Three Disappearances of Suad Hosni by artist and filmmaker, Rania Stephan.

Rania Stephan was artist in residence at the Centre for Possible Studies in Summer 2010 where she ran workshops, public talks and discussions as well as curating a series of Free Cinema School Salons at the Centre and in cafes along the Edgware Road and Church street area.  These Salons featured, former resident of the Edgware Road and iconic film star, Suad Hosni, who passed away in mysterious circumstances on the road in 2001.

The much anticipated film, The Three Disappearances of Suad Hosni, will premiere in Sharjah on 19 March 2011.  We are looking forward to it!  Good luck Rania!

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