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This week’s Bidoun Library Seminar…

Tales From the Bidoun Library, Vol. I
Intercontinentalism: A Partial History of Magazine Diplomacy

Michael C. Vazquez

with an introduction by
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

Saturday 13 August 2011
Free, no booking required

Leading writers, scholars and artists in dialogue with the Bidoun editorial collective in a series of Saturday seminars. 

In the 1960s, an array of state-sponsored international magazines fought pitched battles — against imperialism or communism and/or their own governments — across the entire length of the first, second, and third worlds. Michael Vazquez presents an illustrated lecture on pivotal moments in periodical diplomacy, with especial focus on Transition (Kampala / Accra), Tricontinental (Havana), and Lotus: Afro-Asian Writing (Cairo / Beirut / Tunis).

Michael C Vazquez is Senior Editor at Bidoun and a member of the Bidoun Library group. He was formerly Executive Editor of the revived Transition (Cambridge, MA). He writes often about music and magazines for Bidoun and other venues.
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts is a writer whose work has appeared in Transition, The New York Times, Harper’s, Bidoun, and Essence among others. Her book, Harlem is Nowhere, the first volume of a trilogy on black utopias, is just out in the UK from Granta Books.

About the Bidoun Library:
Founded in 2009, The Bidoun Library is a peripatetic resource of books, periodicals and ephemera developed by Bidoun Projects, a not-for-profit publishing, curatorial and educational initiative dedicated to supporting contemporary artists in and around the Middle East. This summer, The Bidoun Library will travel to the Serpentine Gallery to launch a special issue of Bidoun magazine produced during the revolution in Egypt. Bidoun will also be continuing their investigation into the diverse history of printed matter related to the Middle East, as well as exploring the swiftly changing state of UK libraries, focusing on London.