Free Cinema School Screening

Direct Speech Acts: Solidarities

30 June, 2012

5-7:30 pm


Centre for Possible Studies

21 Gloucester Place (on the corner of George Street)



Join artists in residence, Implicated Theatre, members of the Anti-Raids Campaign, and Arts Against Extradition to experience, film, performance and discussion with artists and campaigners about the ways you can support people facing issues such as long term imprisonment, extradition and detention.



The evening includes a screening of the film, Extradition and a performance elaborating the rights of migrants facing detention and raids.


The film Extradition explores the Extradition Act 2003 through the experiences of two individuals and their families. The act stipulates that any British Citizen can be extradited to the US without their government providing prima facie evidence and looks at  the.cases of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan who have been detained for eight and six years respectively, both without trial. The film features interviews with human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce, Talha’s Brother Hamja Ahsan, playwright Avaes Mohammad, the fathers of Babar and Talha, framed by Talha’s prison poetry.



The Anti-Raids Campaign was formed to support migrant people and show solidarity with them in situations of raids by the UKBA. The anti-raids campaign has developed tools in multiple languages so that migrants know their rights and non-migrants can support them. The campaign is a growing coalition of groups including Lawas, Precarious Workers Brigade, Stop Deportations and Southwark Action, The Prisma, No Borders, South London Solidarity Federation.   See more info here. <;


Implicated Theatre is an experimental workshop exploring the relationships between political speech and action, the self and the collective, voice and silence. The group involved in the project has come together through the close working relationship of the Centre for Possible Studies and the Migrants Resource Centre. The workshop is facilitated  by participants and Theatre Director Frances Rifkin and are based in the work of the Brazilian director Augusto Boal (1931-2009). Boal’s conception of the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ explicitly challenges the divisions between active and passive states or subjects in theatre.

 Recently, Implicated Theatre has collaborated with the Anti-raids Campaign and the Latin American Workers Theatre Group to develop theatre so that people know their rights and possibilities for solidarity in situations of raids and detention.


Direct Speech Acts is part of the Free Cinema School programme at the Centre for Possible Studies. Initiated by artists, it is an ongoing investigation of the relationship between political speech and action in which migrant and non-migrant people come together to develop projects and structures of support through theatre and cinema.   


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