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‘Continuing the feminist critique of Marx: primitive accumulation, technology and the war on women’ 

A Talk and Discussion with Silvia Federici

Centre for Possible Studies
21 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HR (on the corner of George Street)

FREE, 7pm

Author, teacher and feminist activist Silvia Federici will be giving a talk at the Centre for Possible Studies to mark her latest book Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle. Written between 1975 and the present, the essays collected in Revolution at Point Zero represent nearly forty years of research and theorizing on questions of social reproduction and the transformations which the globalization process has produced. Originally inspired by Federici’s organizational work in the Wages For Housework movement, topics discussed include the international restructuring of reproductive work and its effects on the sexual division of labour, the globalization of care work and sex work, the crisis of elder care, and the development of affective labour.

Silvia Federici is one of the cofounders of the International Feminist Collective, the organization that launched the international campaign for Wages for Housework. Federici has been instrumental in developing the concept of “reproduction” as a key to class relations of exploitation and domination in local and global contexts, and as central to forms of autonomy and the commons. Her decades of research and political organizing accompanies a long list of publications on philosophy and feminist theory, women’s history, education, culture, international politics, the worldwide struggle against capitalist globalization and for a feminist reconstruction of the commons. She is also a contributor to the upcoming Serpentine Projects book Art + Care: A Future.

This talk is organised in collaboration with PM Press.

For more information:
Janna Graham, Education Projects Curator
+44 (0)20 7298 1535

Amal Khalaf, Assistant Curator, Projects
+44 (0)20 7723 3162


Double Evil: A talk with Eyal Weizman, Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey

Tuesday 23 October, 7-9pm

Centre for Possible Studies, 21 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HR (on the corner of George Street)

This public talk brings together Eyal Weizman with Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey, the authors of two recent books exploring different concepts of evil in the present day.

Eyal Weizman’s The Least of All Possible Evils, humanitarian violence from Arendt to Gaza is an analysis of the way human rights laws and humanitarian concerns have become the means of manipulation and, in several cases, the means of conducting warfare. The cases discussed in this book include some of the defining political moments of the present era.

Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey’s Evil Media uses the format of Machiavelli’s notorious 16th century book The Prince to propose a series of stratagems for media dominance in the 21st century. A dark handbook for politicians, entrepreneurs, moguls and, conversely, those who are affected by them, it suggests new ways of understanding the ‘evil’ of algorithms, search engines, and other media active components of 21st century life.

Eyal Weizman is Director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths.
Matthew Fuller works at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths.
Andrew Goffey works at the Department of Languages, Cultures and Area Studies, University of Nottingham.

For more information see:
The Least of All Possible Evils, humanitarian violence from Arendt to Gaza

Evil Media






Park Nights Tarek Atoui  La Suite  

Friday 12 October 2012  6-11pm
Memory Marathon Dome, Serpentine Gallery

Tickets £10/8 available from the Serpentine Gallery Lobby Desk (020 7402 6075), or

Acclaimed Lebanese sound artist Tarek Atoui transports audiences through a lost world of Arabic culture with a trance-inducing, five-hour performance to launch Serpentine Gallery’s Memory Marathon

For his Park Night, and opening event for Serpentine Gallery’s three-day Memory Marathon, which takes place during Frieze Art Fair Week, acclaimed Lebanese sound artist Tarek Atouiperforms La Suite, a five-hour work inspired by classical Arab music. This Sharjah Art Foundation commission is presented by the Serpentine Gallery.

Exploring Tarab, both as a traditional form of music and an Arabic word to describe the emotional effect music has on the listener, Atoui is inviting fourteen internationally renowned musicians – from hip-hop and electronica performers to contemporary and traditional instrumentalists – to create a dialogue with the collection of Kamal Kassar’s AMAR Foundation which houses the largest library of Tarab and classical Arab music in the world. Atoui has long been captivated by the improvisation inherent in this deeply evocative music, which binds the audience to the performer. As Atoui says “Tarab is not a music genre but a state of ‘melotrance’ that you reach after being exposed to music for a certain amount of time.”

La Suite is commissioned and produced by Sharjah Art Foundation and is a development of his earlier works Revisiting Tarab, performed in Sharjah this past March and Visiting Tarab, performed in New York, November 2011 as a Performa Commission with Sharjah Art Foundation . Responding to the theme of the Serpentine’s Memory Marathon, Atoui’s interpretation of this largely forgotten music promises to transport the audience to a lost world of Arabic culture that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Tarek Atoui was born in Lebanon in 1980 and moved to France in 1998 where he studied sound art and electro-acoustic music. In 2006, he released his first solo album in the Mort Aux Vaches series for Staalplaat Records, and in 2008, he served as artistic director of the STEIM Studios in Amsterdam, a centre for the research and development of new electronic musical instruments. Atoui is a sound artist who initiates multidisciplinary interventions, events, concerts and workshops and specializes in creating computer tools for interdisciplinary projects and youth education. He has presented work internationally including the Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE(2009); the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (2010); La Maison Rouge, Paris (2010); the Mediacity Biennial, Seoul (2010), the Haus Der Kunst, Munich (2010), Performa 11, NYC (2011) and dOCUMENTA 13 (2012).

Performers: Uriel Barthélémi, John Butcher, Mira Calix, Susie Ibarra, Hassan Khan, Kazuyuki Kishino, Lukas Ligeti, Robert Lowe, Ikue Mori, Sara Parkins, Zeena Parkins, Ghassan Sahhab, Sam Shalabi.

Tickets £10/£8
Available from the Serpentine Gallery Lobby Desk (020 7402 6075) or Ticketweb ticketing.

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