Still from ‘Democracy at Work’ (c) BBC-TUC film archive

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Centre for Possible Studies
21 Gloucester Place
London W1U 8HR (on the corner of George Street)

November’s Free Cinema School Salon revisits the histories of Pedagogical Film in the UK. Hosted by artist, Margareta Kern with artists from, see excerpts from videos that were made as part of the television series ‘Democracy at Work’ – a collaboration between the BBC Further Education department, Trade Union Education Service, Workers Educational Association and Sheffield University Extra-Mural department, aired on the BBC in 1978. These television programmes were accompanied by a detailed booklet, and available to trade union members to be used as tools for education, agitation and worker organisation. The videos cover topics such as job satisfaction, industrial democracy, safety at work, worker representatives on the board, role of the women in trade union movement, nursery provision in industry, obtaining information from management and history of collective bargaining. In re-visiting these videos, this Salon will explore how films were utilised historically as pedagogical tool for empowerment of the workers, in order to re-think its current status in the context of contemporary disempowerment of unions and workers.

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