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Still from The Path to Cairo (2012)

Edgware Road Project artist-in-residence Wael Shawky will have his first solo exhibition in London at the Serpentine Gallery, opening tomorrow night.  The exhibition will feature the worldwide premiere of the artist’s latest film Al Araba Al Madfuna II (2013) which re-tells Egyptian novelist Mohamed Mustagab’s parables, Horsemen Adore Perfume and The Offering.   Also featuring in the exhibition are the first two films Shawky’s Cabaret Crusades trilogy, The Horror Show File (2010) and The Path to Cairo (2012) based on Amin Maalouf’s The Crusades through Arab Eyes.


ImagePleasure: A Block Study

a presentation by CAMP


Wednesday 6 November

Serpentine Sackler Centre for Education
Serpentine Gallery (main gallery), Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA

Bombay-based artists CAMP present Pleasure: A Block Study a publication that comes out of their multi-year residency with the Edgware Road Project. Produced entirely online, via the website, both the website and research towards this volume were initiated by the artists, focussing on a very small piece of the city: a few buildings on the Edgware Road in London.

This publication explores a history of ‘public pleasures’ that arose in the Edgware Road neighbourhood, starting from the 19th Century to the present, documenting social shifts on the street and the surrounding areas.  Arab, Iranian, Irish, Kurdish and other businesses and groups produced a particular history of film, video, music and street life that often clashed with existing legal and proprietary structures. A tumultuous few decades of these struggles form the heart of this book, offering on the one hand, images and narratives of a pleasure filled Dionysian street-life, and on the other tales of bureaucratic containment that limit and regulate various emergences of public life.

A bilingual publication in Arabic and English, Pleasure: A Block Study  is published in partnership with Brownbook Publishing and will be available for purchase later this year.    

About CAMP
CAMP is a Bombay-based organisation of artists, filmmakers and programmers founded in 2007 by Shaina Anand, Sanjay Bhangar and Ashok Sukumaran. CAMP’s projects test the ground between art and the public, often working with “infrastructures” such as the internet, transportation and trade systems, CCTV, radio, electricity, water and video. From their home base CAMP are co-initiators of the online footage archive and the new film archive

About is a place to store, sort, assemble and print documents and images from the Edgware Road project. Code for this project has been developed at CAMP, is available under the GNU GPL v 3 Free Software License and can be downloaded and browsed at  This would not be possible without the other free software projects it uses in fundamental ways. Specifically, we would like to thank all contributors to The Django Project, jQuery, and the awesome wkhtmltopdf library. The number of other free software projects used in the running and building of this website is too long to list in entirety.