Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art and Serpentine Galleries’ Centre for Possible Studies collaborate on an exchange of artist residencies between London and Doha.

“From Neighbourhood to Neighbourhoods” is an international artist residency project co-produced by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Serpentine Galleries’ Centre for Possible Studies with support from Qatar-UK 2013 Year of Culture and the British Council.


The programme builds on five years of the Serpentine Galleries’ Edgware Road Project and “From Neighbourhood to Neighbourhoods”   marks Mathaf’s first residency programme, generating knowledge through developing projects related to Doha’s rapidly expanding urban environment.


Four artists and collectives, as well as the Centre for Possible Studies, will take place in the exchange, each crafting projects that move between the two cities and addressing issues such as urban education and development. Artists include Khalifa Al Obaidly, Alia Farid, Malak Helmy, and Ultra-red.


The residencies not only connect the Edgware Road neighbourhood to the various extended neighbourhoods in the Gulf to which it is historically connected, but also aim to reflect and act upon the needs of our constantly shifting cities. The artists involved investigate the possibilities for public life by generating interest in shared spaces, values, and responsibilities over the development of these neighborhoods that shape our cities.


The project is co-curated by Janna Graham (Project Curator, Serpentine Gallery), Amal Khalaf (Interim Projects Curator, Serpentine Gallery) and Michelle Dezember (Deputy Director for Programming and Special Projects, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art).

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