Market Radio is a live event taking place at Church Street Market as part of the Edgware Road Project. Join us at the Market Radio stall as we launch a radio play, an album and a DVD, all developed by local residents and artists over the past year in response to Church Street’s regeneration programme. 

Market Radio marks the outcome of three projects giving older and younger residents the opportunity to share their thoughts and reactions to the area’s regeneration, particularly the aspects of the local culture that they would like to preserve and those that they would like to develop. Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad worked with residents of Glarus Court Sheltered Housing to compile an album; Polly Brannan developed the Mobile Variety Club with older residents and created a DVD; and Anton Kats worked on Radio Sonar with Serpentine’s Youth Forum, a group of 15-16 year olds from Westminster Academy, to write a radio play.

More about the projects:
The Serpentine’s Youth Forum, a group of 15-16 year olds from Westminster Academy also known as Radio Sonar, have been working with artist Anton Kats. Using listening as a tool, the project has focused on Church Street as a location for discussing issues affecting many inner city neighbourhoods, such as regeneration, unemployment, immigration and generational polarisation.
The outcome of the project is a radio play written and recorded by the group. Set in the future on a fictional street inspired by Church Street, the content of the play draws directly on the opinions and thoughts of local residents and businesses as gathered through interviews conducted by the group on Church Street.
On Friday 4th April, the group will be running a stall on Church Street Market to broadcast their radio play and invite the public to contribute to an Alphabet of Listening; an archive of opinions, thoughts and ideas about Church Street and its future.
The Mobile Variety Club developed by artist Polly Brannan, is a mobile social club operating in and around the Church Street neighbourhood. It hosts and creates a programme of cultural and entertainment events programmed and designed in collaboration with older residents. The programme consists of quizzes, performances, film screenings, talks, sing-alongs and creative workshops. After a year of activities in the area, an interactive DVD about the history of entertainment and the market on Church Street will be launched at Market Radio. The DVD can be used by local groups and residents for screenings at community events, meetings and festivals. 
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad will be launching a CD of music compiled by residents of Glarus Court, a Sheltered Housing block in the Church Street area. Not all the residents of Glarus Court are able to walk around the neighbourhood to meet their neighbours. However, this album will enable a form of meeting through listening: it will be played at the Market Radio stall and distributed among residents of other Sheltered Housing blocks in the area.