Join us for the launch of Working Conversations? a series of educational videos produced through a partnership between Implicated Theatre and London Metropolitan University as part of the IR Multiling project.


Members of Implicated Theatre and UNITE union worked together with researchers from London Metropolitan University to devise and produce six films aimed at migrant workers highlighting different issues they might face working in Europe today.


The films are translated into six languages and are designed to be used in training with migrant workers, trade unions and other organisations promoting good practice in industrial relations with migrant workers.


This open workshop will introduce the films, and how they can be used for members of UNITE’s Migrant Workers Education Programme.


The IR Multiling project was funded for two years by the EU and was aimed at researching multilingualism at work and its impact on industrial relations in six European countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the UK. The project focused on migrant workers and, in particular the role of trade unions. London Metropolitan University was the UK partner who launched their research 28 November, 2016.


The event is free, please contact Projects Curator, Amal Khalaf on if you would like to attend the workshop.